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Marine sector

Cold welding - Repair of metal and rubber materials

We offer repair and corrective maintenance services for marine equipment. Using metal-filled and ceramic-filled polymers, and state-of-the-art urethanes, we repair and protect the pieces of equipment on board the ship or offshore platform which are damaged due to corrosion or stress or are broken.

We use innovative solutions and specialized products from globally renowned brands such as DEVCON epoxy resins and urethanes.

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can inform you about the cold welding turnkey services we offer.

Advantages of our service:

technical advice

We have a highly-experienced technical team which is specialized in studying corrosion and degradation problems present in industrial equipment.

product range

We have a wide range of products for repairing steel, aluminium, titanium, stainless steel and bronze materials.

guaranteed brands

The products Sintemar uses are guaranteed by their internationally renowned manufacturers.

own stock

We have own stock for both turnkey projects and supplying products quickly.


We offer on-site support, training and advisory services. We also have online application procedures and videos on practical examples at your disposal.

turnkey service

Our technicians renovate the damaged equipment to extend their service life both at our facilities and the client's.

We repair and protect marine equipment using metal-filled epoxy resins and urethanes to construct pieces of equipment such as impellers, cylinder heads, crankcases, heat exchangers, propeller blades, engine blocks and pump housings among others.

Rusted pump ready for repairing by cold weldingPump body and cover repaired with DEVCON ceramic coatingPump body and cover repaired with DEVCON ceramic coatingRepair of metal and rubber materials Repair of metal and rubber materials Exchanger cover repair by cold welding