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Machinery installation

Repair of machinery foundations

We offer solutions to prevent and repair concrete foundations pathologies by applying techniques based on epoxy mortars and resins.

Through reconstruction, injection and reinforcement techniques, we recover the structural resistance of the foundations which have been damaged due to stress and corrosion, damages such as detachments, cracks and loss of monolithism.

Usual renovation techniques:


Repairing the damaged concrete bed and re-grouting using epoxy mortars.


Inserting bars and rebars for reinforcing concrete foundations.

inyection on concrete

Injecting epoxy resin under controlled pressure for sealing cracks and strengthening concrete structures.

injection under the plates

Injecting epoxy resin under the plates and in the frames to improve foundation and eliminate resonance.


Reinforcement through soaking bolts, plates, etc. with epoxy mortars and resins.

Replacement of anchoring bolts

Drilling with crowns to extract and replace anchoring bolts.

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