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Marine sector

Repair and protection applying coatings and tapes

We offer repair and protection services of the marine and offshore equipment through the application of coatings and tapes. We work with DEVCON, IRATHANE and TIDALWRAP products. The latter brands have a wide range of specialized solutions to fight against corrosion, leaks and breakage due to impact.

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can inform you about the repair and protection services we provide.

We have effective solutions for the following:

protection against corrosion

We protect and repair metal structures against corrosion using grease tapes, ceramic coatings and coatings for high temperature surfaces.

channelling of splashes (SOLAS)

We have anti-splash tapes to prevent spray leaking of fuels and oils as per the industry regulations (SOLAS).


protection of pillars

We protect offshore structures and marine pillars against corrosion using TidalWrap anti-corrosion solution.

underwater repairs

We repair damp or underwater metal surfaces using DEVCON epoxy putty (UW).

thermal insulation

We have a new insulation system, ExoWrap, for insulating high temperature surfaces in engine rooms.

sealing of hatch covers

We provide you with Canseal solution for sealing hatch covers using ultra-adhesive fibreglass reinforced strip or tape.

repairs of leaking pipes

Kit to repair leaking pipes using resin and fibreglass.