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Installation of machinery

Installation of machinery

With more than 55 years of experience and having installed more than 30,000 pieces of equipment, we are a groundbreaking company anchoring and chocking with resin on ships and offshore platforms.

As a company specialized in machinery anchoring and chocking, our technicians travel to ships and offshore platforms all around the world.

We are specialized in:

anchoring of machinery

We anchor the stern tube bush holder and auxiliary equipment (windlasses, journal bearings, servomotors ...)

installation of machinery

We install propulsion shaft lines and steering systems. Transverse propellers, retractable propellers…

chocking with resin

We carry out chocking of engines and gearboxes using Chockfast Orange epoxy resin.

mechanical chocks

We also make installations using adjustable steel chocks.


Advantages of CHOCKFAST resins and grouts:

We recommend the use of Chockfast epoxy resins and grouts because of their reliability and performance in the long run

they maintain alignment

No shrinkage, high stability and modulus of compression in the long run. This makes them appropriate for applying in critical alignments.

they absorb vibrations

They reduce vibration and noise level because they maintain bolt tightening stress and filter part of the vibrations.

quick mounting

Resin application can be done in a few hours and it does not require any machining or adjustment of the seat or metal chocks.

bigger resistance

Excellent resistance to compression and degradation due to contact with oils, fuels, sea water and chemicals.

less maintenance

They avoid bolt breakage because stress is maintained on them. They do not need maintenance because the chocks do not wear out.

more reliability

The installation process and Chockfast resins are certified by all classification societies.

CHOCKFAST Orange pouring on the main engine foundationResin CHOCKFAST in curing stageMain engine resin chocksWindlass chocking with CHOCKFAST OrangeSterntube bearing resin pouring and chocking