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Manufacturer ITW Performance Polymers provides solutions based on long-term durability polymers for different industrial and marine uses, offering a wide range of products from globally renowned brands such as CHOCKFAST, DENSIT, DEVCON, IRATHANE FUTURA and POLYSPEC THIOKOL. DEVCON products belong to the coating, cold welding and adhesive families. 

DEVCON Titanium Putty (HP)

Titanium-filled epoxy resin putty for repairing and maintaining metal surfaces.

DEVCON Ultra Quartz

Highly resistant mortar for patching and levelling concrete, brick and masonry floors.

DEVCON Wear Guard Fine Load

Ceramic bead-filled epoxy putty for protecting metal surfaces against abrasion.

DEVCON Wear Guard High Temp

Ceramic bead-filled epoxy putty with abrasion resistance at high temperature conditions.

DEVCON Wear Resistant Liquid (WR)

Ceramic-filled liquid epoxy resin for casting dies and machine lathe beds.

DEVCON Wear Resistant Putty (WR-2)

Ceramic epoxy putty for reconstructing and protecting metal surfaces against wear.

DEVCON Wet Surface Repair Putty (UW)

Water-resistant epoxy putty for making repairs under water or in wet environments.