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SINTEMAR supplies P43 to be mounted on crude oil tank in Wyndham terminal in Western Australia


P43 Rotary Jet Mixers are the global leading solution for the homogenization and sludge prevention in crude oil storage tanks.

Further to the big number of P43 mixers operating in oil companies and tank terminals all over the world, a new refurbishment of the crude oil tank TK10 including the installation of 2 P43 has been carried out by the contractor DRA Industries Pty Ltd (DRA) in Wyndham Terminal owned by the oilfield operator Buru Energy, located 150 km. from Broome in Western Australia.

Tank TK-10 in Wyndham Terminal - Australia, where P43 rotary jet mixers have been installed

Sintemar has supplied the mixers and with the support of his technical team has been in charge of engineering design and mounting supervision on tank manways.

P43 has come into operation with the first oil delivered to Wyndham terminal from Ungani Oilfield production, achieving very relevant homogenization time reduction as well as prevention of sludge accumulation in tank bottom, yielding an operative optimization of tank storage and crude oil transport.