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DEVCON Brushable Ceramic

Ceramic-filled epoxy putty that can be applied with a brush for protecting and sealing metal surfaces.

DEVCON Dfense Blok

Alumina ceramic bead-filled putty with excellent abrasion resistance.

DEVCON Dfense Blok Fast Cure

Fast curing alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy putty which is abrasion and impact resistant.

DEVCON Dfense Blok Quick Patch

Ceramic bead-filled epoxy putty with excellent abrasion resistance and used when rapid return to service is essential.

DEVCON Dfense Blok Surface Wetting Agent

A gel that improves adhesion in the surface to be treated when applying DEVCON Dfense Block.

DEVCON Epoxy Coat 7000AR

Self-levelling epoxy coating with high chemical resistance for protecting concrete structures and metal surfaces.


DEVCON Epoxy Sealer 100

Solvent and chemically resistant epoxy coating for sealing and waterproofing concrete, masonry and wooden surfaces.

DEVCON Flexane 60-80-94

Flexane liquid products are available in three different grades to cover a variety of applications with different flexibility requirements.

DEVCON Flexane General Purpose Putty

Urethane putty for repairing, coating and moulding equipment and components exposed to impacts, abrasion, vibration and movement, etc.

DEVCON Flexane High Performance Brushable

Two-component urethane that can be applied with a brush for protecting against impact, abrasion, shocks, wear, noise, corrosion and etching.

DEVCON Floor Grip

Highly resistant epoxy coating with granules that produces and exceptionally tough and non-slip surface.

DEVCON Plastic Steel Putty 5 minute (SF)

Fast curing steel-filled epoxy resin putty for repairing and maintaining metal surfaces.