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Repair and protection of concrete materials


DEVCON Epoxy Coat 7000AR

Self-levelling epoxy coating with high chemical resistance for protecting concrete structures and metal surfaces.


DEVCON Epoxy Sealer 100

Solvent and chemically resistant epoxy coating for sealing and waterproofing concrete, masonry and wooden surfaces.

DEVCON Flexane 60-80-94

Flexane liquid products are available in three different grades to cover a variety of applications with different flexibility requirements.

DEVCON Flexane High Performance Brushable

Two-component urethane that can be applied with a brush for protecting against impact, abrasion, shocks, wear, noise, corrosion and etching.

DEVCON Floor Grip

Highly resistant epoxy coating with granules that produces and exceptionally tough and non-slip surface.

DEVCON Floor Patch

Multi-purpose mortar for levelling and providing chemical protection with a compression strength of 55 Mpa, which is 2-3 times stronger than the frequent one.

DEVCON Ultra Quartz

Highly resistant mortar for patching and levelling concrete, brick and masonry floors.

Expansion Joint Compound

Two-component epoxy resin for flexible sealing of expansion joints in foundations.


Flexible epoxy novolac coating suited for use on steel and concrete surfaces in aggressive chemical environments.


Petrolatum tape anticorrosive system for repairing and protecting marine pillars, jetties, quays and structures.