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The Baker Hughes General Electric (BHGE) management team had the chance to meet some of SINTEMAR's clients during their visit to the MAINTENANCE / PUMPS & VALVES trade fair held in Bilbao from the 4th to the 6th of June.


SINTEMAR's presence at the fair ensured a successful presentation of the rotary machine maintenance services they offer as a BHGE Authorised Service Centre (Authorised BHGE Service Centre for centrifugal pumps and reciprocating compressors.)

Left to right in the photo are: Riccardo Naccarati (Senior Technical Sales Manager for BHGE pumps Europe), Didier Hosselet (Sales BHGE Spain), Zuriñe Hernandez (SINTEMAR Product Manager for Reciprocating Compressors), Marco Bianco (SINTEMAR Operations Manager for Rotary Equipment), Eugenio Muñoz (Sales BHGE Spain) and Carmen Sampedro (SINTEMAR Product Manager for Pumps)