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SINTEMAR shows the latest techniques to repair machinery with polymers during the SMAGUA/SPAPER fair


SINTEMAR exhibited at the SMAGUA/SPAPER 2019 Intenational Conference for Water and Equipment for the Cellulose, Paper & Carton Industries which had representatives of 625 companies, many of whom showed interest in our stand. Those present were mainly involved in...

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Stand de Sintemar en SPaper 2019

SINTEMAR will exhibit at the Sinaval Exhibition a new protection system for marine piles called Tidal Wrap, which is secured by screw fittings and highly resistant to corrosion


SINTEMAR will participate in the Sinaval exhibition to demonstrate a new, patented system called TIDALWRAP which will protect marine piles and structures from corrosion. It comprises a screw fitted assembly securing a protective jacket to the pile, sealing it against...

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Tidal Wrap installation

Sintemar presents at Navalia the solution for insulating liquefied gas tanks in ships


Sintemar will present during the next 2018 Navalia exhibition the solution for effectively supporting and insulating LNG fuel tanks which are used in ship sustainable propulsion. During the next International Shipbuilding Exhibition which will be held in Vigo on 22nd...

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Living Stone

New Year, New Web Page


Taking advantage of the beginning of the new year, we have completely redesigned our web page to offer a more modern, practical and useful space; and, in particular, an environment where we can render our users and clients a better service. This...

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Nueva Web Sintemar

SINTEMAR supplies P43 to be mounted on crude oil tank in Wyndham terminal in Western Australia


P43 Rotary Jet Mixers are the global leading solution for the homogenization and sludge prevention in crude oil storage tanks. Further to the big number of P43 mixers operating in oil companies and tank terminals all over the world, a new refurbishment of the crude...

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Buru Energy Terminal Wyndham - Instalación 2 P43en TK10