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Innovative Manufacturing


INNOVATIVE MANUFACTURING manufactures products for waterproofing and protecting against corrosion for the industrial and marine sectors since 1948. Among other products, it has a wide range of specialized coatings and tapes from renowned brands such as EXOWRAP, CANSEAL, PETROWRAP, NOSPRAY, STEAMKOTE and CANFIX. 

CANFIX Emergency Repair Kit

Leak repair kit that sets in minutes composed of epoxy paste and fiberglass tape.

CANSEAL Marine Tape

Adhesive strip for sealing hatch covers under any weather conditions.

CANSEAL-R Roll Type Marine Tape

Adhesive tape for sealing hatch covers under any weather conditions.

EXOWRAP Insulation System

Silicate fiber tape or blanket to isolate surfaces at high temperatures. Heat-proof.

NOSPRAY Protective Tape

Anti-splash fibreglass adhesive tape for preventing the spray of flammable liquids.

PETROWRAP Anti-Corrosion Tape

Petrolatum tape anticorrosive system for repairing and protecting metal surfaces and marine pillars.

STEAMKOTE HT Pipe Dressing

Anticorrosive coating for high temperature metal surfaces.