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Industrial Sector

Cold welding / Repair of metal and rubber materials

We offer repair and corrective maintenance services for industrial equipment that is damaged due to surface corrosion, abrasion and degradation and suffers damages in the integrity of the exposed metal materials.

We use innovative solutions and specialized products from globally renowned brands such as DEVCON epoxy resins and urethanes.

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can inform you about the cold welding turnkey services we offer.



  • Liquid rubber or urethane coatings for reconstructing and repairing conveyor belts damaged by abrasion.

Repairing worn conveyor belt using DEVCON R-Flex urethane.

Detalle de banda transportadora dañada

Close-up image of a damaged conveyor belt.

Preparación de la superficie de goma a reparar

Preparation of the rubber surface to be repaired.

Aplicación del uretano DEVCON R-Flex

Application of 
DEVCON R-Flex urethane.


Coatings for METAL

  • We carry out industrial equipment protection and recovery works using metal-filled epoxy resins and urethanes for constructing pumps, valves, pipes, conveyor belts and other equipment.

Repair and protection of jet mixer propellers.


pdf Caso Práctico de Aplicación - Reparación de hélices de agitadores

Recubrimiento DEVCON cerámico a brocha azul y rojo para identificar el desgaste

Damaged agitator propeller ready for reconstruction by cold welding.  

Preparación de la superficie de goma a reparar

DEVCON titanium paste application to perform machinable cold welding with a smooth finish.

Aplicación del uretano DEVCON R-Flex

DEVCON brush painting ceramic coating with blue and red color to  identify wear. 


Advantages of our service:

technical advice

We advise you on the use of resins and urethanes to solve any wear and tear problems due to corrosion, cavitation and abrasion.

product range

We have a wide range of products for repairing steel, aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, bronze and rubber materials.

guaranteed brands

The products Sintemar uses are guaranteed by their internationally renowned manufacturers.

own stock

We have own stock for both turnkey projects and supplying products quickly.


We offer on-site support, training and advisory services. We also have procedures and videos of the applications at your disposal.

turnkey service

We renovate industrial equipment which has been damaged using cold welding at our workshop or at the client´s facilities.


Damaged impeller repair by cold welding with DEVCON Titanium PuttyDamaged impeller repair by cold welding with DEVCON Titanium Putty and Ceramic Putty (before and after)Metallic tank repair by cold welding with DEVCON Titanium PuttyDEVCON Bronze Putty (BR) for repair and reconstructionDamaged mixer blades repair by cold welding with DEVCON Titanium Putty and Ceramic Putty